Who Are We?

We are named after the “revisionists”. They were also known, rightly or wrongly, as the “ANTI -psychiatrists”.

They were an important movement in the 60s and 70s.

Our Vision

Liverpool Watersports Centre

A society in which the social causes

of mental distress

are understood and treated

Our Aims

Dragon Boat National Championships

to challenge psychiatry and

explore the harm it may do

An Alliance

Dragon Boat Charity Day

People with lived experience

of emotional

or mental distress


A Manifesto for Change

This manifesto overtly recognises, and hopes to build upon, the excellent work done by the Social Work Action Network (SWAN) in its recently published mental health charter. Like them we believe that mental distress is primarily linked to social and environmental factors such as: socio-economic deprivation, inequality, alienation, racism, gender inequality, gender-based violence, bullying, impoverished communities, lack of opportunity, homophobia, etc. More Info

Groups Linked with reVision

Stockton Dragon Boat National League Event

Quiet Space

Sun 27th May 2018

Nottingham Dragon Boat National League 200m Final

The Spiritual Crisis Network

Sun 8th July 2018

Worcester National League Dragon BBoat Race Venue

Café Psychologique

Sun 29th July 2018


All welcome!

For more information;

reVision Address, Liverpool

Phone: 0111 111111

Email: enquiries@reVision.org

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